Choosing the Right Listing Agent at R2R Myrtle Beach Real Estate.

How to Choose the Right Listing Agent

How to Choose the Right Listing Agent

Most listing agents are truthful and will help you set the correct price, sell the house professionally, review the prospective buyers and skillfully negotiate and close the deal. However, as with any other profession, there are some rotten apples out there. That’s why you should know how to choose the right listing agent for your Myrtle Beach real estate for sale. A good listing agent has extensive experience in the business with recent sales and can do everything they can to strike a balance between optimism and realism. You will be expected to pay a significant amount of money for the agent’s services, so you owe it to yourself to find the right listing agent. Here are tips to help you pick the right agent:

1. Do Your Homework

First of all, you need to conduct some research and learn what qualifications a good listing agent should have. There are a number of certifications and organizations you need to watch for on an agent’s CV. These include Accredited Buyers Representative (ABR), which shows that the agent has undertaken and completed courses pertaining buyer representation and will therefore, aim to safeguard your best interests while negotiating the sales price, mortgage loans and any other aspects of selling and buying a home. Any honors awarded to the realtor are an added advantage. Of course, your listing agent should have a valid license and must have completed the necessary training before going into business.

2. Watch Out For Subtle Red Flags

There are a number of bad signs everyone needs to watch out for when choosing a listing agent. Certain red flag warnings mean an agent may not be a good choice.

  • If you are selling your house and the agent immediately states the highest price, that’s a warning sign. If they set a price that is too high, it could take much longer to find a buyer and a professional realtor would never do this.
  • A part-time agent is certainly not a good choice. This is because they are likely to be less experienced and less committed to their work.
  • If the realtor does not usually sell the kind of home you are selling, look elsewhere. You need to work with someone who can take care of your individual needs.
  • Do not choose anyone who does not typically sell to people who buy property in your price category. Since they are usually paid on commission, some agents are more likely to concentrate on wealthier buyers. If the agent normally deals with high-rise buildings and you are selling a modest home, you may want to look for another agent who deals with the specific kind of home you are selling.

3. Contact a Few Agents for an Interview and Ask Tough Questions

Before picking an agent, conduct a number of interviews with prospective agents. Ask some tough questions to get a good idea of whether a certain agent is reliable. You should make sure the agent is familiar with your community. However, the agent with the highest number of signs in your area may not necessarily be the best choice. A potential agent should give you good advice about the condition of the home and the sales price. Do they want you to sell your home quickly or are they asking you to put a sign in front of your home to alert buyers? You need to prepare a set of questions before your start interviewing any prospective agents.

4. Find out Who They Are Working For

You stand to benefit greatly if you ask potential realtors whose interests they will protect during the sales process. You want to hire someone who will safeguard your interests only – and not someone who will suggest dual agency just to increase their commission.

5. Ask For the Right Contract

It is advisable to request for a 90-day contract with your agent. In case your agent turns out to be good, you can always renew the contract. Otherwise, you can look elsewhere without wasting your time with a dubious agent. Find out if the agent is willing to offer a short-term contract before signing any agreement.

How to Purchase a Home and Not Go Crazy

How to Purchase a Home and Not Go Crazy

Purchasing a home is an exciting process but can be stressful, too. When purchasing a house, there is certainly a lot to enjoy and look forward to, but there are also some tasks involved that could leave you frustrated. Here, we’ve compiled some practical tips on how to take stress out of the home buying process:

1. Know What You Want

A real estate agent is not a mind reader, and therefore, you need to know exactly what you want. Otherwise, you are going to waste too much time looking at homes that do not suit your specific needs. If you have a detailed account of what you want in an ideal home, then it will be easy to identify such a house as there are so many options available when it comes to Myrtle Beach real estate for sale. Prioritize your needs and determine which amenities or features you can forgo. Let’s say, you are looking for a house with a remodeled kitchen, a master bathroom, four bedrooms, a stunning balcony and a swimming. While you may not find a home with all these specifications at your desired places, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t find a home with most of these things on your list. Pick the most important features before you start looking at Myrtle Beach real estate for sale.

2. Stay Organized

To get approved for a mortgage loan, you will be required to share every aspect of your personal finances. You will need to organize your documents first. These include forms that reflect your assets, taxable income, rent payments, and other important financial statements. Before you start your house hunting venture, get your documents organized and stay as organized as possible throughout the process.

3. Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage Loan

Financing a home is often stressful. You may feel that getting approved for a home loan doesn’t have to be complicated, but after checking your financial situation and credit report, a credit provider may change their mind. It is always best to get pre-approved for a loan before you start bidding on homes. If you were impressed by a house only to discover later that you are ineligible for a mortgage loan, it could be really disappointing. You can save yourself a great deal of stress and heartache by taking control of your financial situation. In addition, some agents and sellers decide to work only with prospective homebuyers who have been preapproved for a mortgage loan.

4. Set a Budget

The costs of purchasing a home can amount to a significant sum especially if you are not ready, as there are a range of costs other than the property’s asking price. Therefore, note down all the expected costs to avoid frustrations. These include solicitor and surveyor fees, along with amounts for applying for a mortgage loan. Collectively, these can result in a staggering sum, and bear in mind that you will most likely need to spend some money on the home before moving in.

5. Work with a Knowledgeable Agent

Find a professional real estate agent to work with. Home buying is a huge financial commitment that involves a lot of emotions. It is important to get a realtor who is highly experienced and a good overall fit for your personality. Go online and read agent reviews to see what their past clients are saying about their experiences regarding realtor knowledge, expertise, responsiveness and more.


Purchasing a house should be an exciting time for you. If you prepare well, stay organized and work with a real estate agent who is ready to take care of your interests, then you can take stress out of the home buying process.

How to Get Yourself Ready for Homeownership

How to Get Yourself Ready for Homeownership

Homeownership is a big decision, and a home is probably the biggest investment you will ever make in your life. If you are planning to buy a home or invest in real estate for the first time, it is important to get yourself ready for homeownership. Here are the steps that you should take to help you become a homeowner without a hitch.

1. Do Enough Research

Be sure to do your research before you start looking at Myrtle Beach real estate for sale. Come up with a list of specific features that you would like to have in your home and determine the most important ones to you.

2. Get Your Credit Report in Order

When looking to make a huge investment like buying a new home, it is important to obtain copies of your annual credit report and get a credit score. Evaluate your credit report, ensuring that all the information is accurate and check your credit score. Keep in mind that your credit score will affect the rate of interest you are most likely to receive. If your credit score is poor, you should consider repairing your credit before buying a home.

3. Determine the Amount of Money to Spend On Your Home Purchase

If you are happy with your credit report and credit score, determine how much money you want to spend on your home purchase. To do this, it is important to take a realistic look at your finances, determining the amount of money you are ready to pay as down payment, and the amount you can afford to pay on a monthly basis. Once that information is ready, you should determine which type of home you can realistically buy. Remember that there are some other costs involved in home ownership (including maintenance and property management) that you will have to consider.

4. Arrange Your Financial Information

The next step is to organize your financial records to help you get your mortgage loan approved in full and on time. Most mortgage lenders will want to check your previous year tax returns, the latest statements and other relevant financial details. Keep all these details readily available, probably in a home purchase folder, to ensure they are readily available when the time comes.

5. Find a Good Mortgage Lender

Before you search for your dream home, you need to look for a good mortgage lender. Ask friends, family and colleagues for their recommendations. If you have enough time, find out which mortgage companies offer the best rates. Remember some mortgage companies provide special incentives for first-time home buyers. Once you find the best company for your needs, ask for preapproval before you make the offer to purchase a home. This will help you have confidence that you will get the house you desire once your offer is accepted.

6. Get professional assistance

When looking at Myrtle Beach Real Estate for Sale, it is important to seek professional help from a qualified realtor. Unlike a listing agency, which acts as a seller’s representative, the duty of a realtor is to work for you. In most cases, buyer’s representatives are paid out of the seller’s commission so you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

Is Your Home Ready to Sell?

Is Your Home Ready to Sell?

Selling a home fast and for the best possible price is the goal of anyone looking to sell their house. To achieve that goal, you need much more than luck alone. It requires proper planning and some effort to realize that dream. There is stiff competition in the Myrtle Beach real estate market so you need to be clear and ready to get noticed. Here are some important points to help you get your home ready to sell quickly and for the best price possible:

1. Disassociate Yourself from the House

First of all, it is important to detach yourself from the home, which will soon no longer be your property. You need to depersonalize all possessions that can be associated with you. Set your mind free and accept the fact that that home will no longer be yours. Imagine handing over the house keys and other important details to the new owners. It is important for the prospective buyers to be able to imagine themselves living in that home instead of thinking about your new situation whenever they see your possessions.

2. De-Clutter

People gather a significant amount of junk. If you no longer use it, consider donating it or even throwing it away. Get rid of all old books from the house and pack up those knickknacks. Clear off everything and arrange essential items in a small box. Consider these tasks as a starting point of the parking you will ultimately need to do. By de-cluttering your house, you make it more organized and more spacious, creating the impression that that house is in good condition.

3. Set the Mood with Proper Lighting

Replace those white light bulbs with soft, flattering wattage that provokes a comfortable, yet inviting feel while hiding any small blemishes. Select bulbs that produce red and yellow tones.

4. Rearrange the Furniture

Those precious things should not be left on the display because they give a personal feel to the room and you may find yourself in an awkward situation when you try to explain to prospective buyers that they are not for sale. Buyers will always want to look around and might open cabinets and other areas. Consider the message you would be conveying if things start falling out. You’ll want to ensure that everything is properly organized, because this shows that you take proper care of the home.

5. Do Some Repairs Where Necessary

It is important to do a thorough inspection of the house to assess the necessary repair work, particularly in the bathroom and kitchen. This is a crucial step because there are some buyers who are choosy regarding the proper maintenance of such places. Make sure there is nothing like leaky faucets or clogged sinks.

6. Make the Home Sparkle

Next, put your house in pristine condition. Clear cobwebs, clean the windows, polish the mirrors and wipe out any dirt on surfaces as necessary. You may also want to ask your realtor to help you create a list of home improvements that will entice potential buyers. Everything should be done properly before the first showing. It is advisable to show your house once all the improvements have been properly done and completed.

7. Scrutinize

Imagine you are a potential buyer or investor and start scrutinizing the house from the front door. Check whether the house looks and feels warm and inviting. Repeat this process from the entrance of each room. Reorganize furniture if necessary.

8. Determine the Asking Price

Last but not least, check the pricing of Myrtle Beach Real Estate for Sale. Ask your real estate agent for full details on similar properties, which have been sold in your community in recent times. Then price your property, accordingly. No matter the reason, prospective buyers will ignore any homes that seem to be overpriced. Avoid setting a very high price at first and then reducing it later. If you want a quick sale for top dollar, make your house sparkle with curb appeal, and set the right price!

In this age of increasing competition in the real estate market, it is important to prepare your home and present it in the most desirable manner if you want to sell it quickly and for a good price. If you want to learn more about getting your home ready for sale, consider tips, strategies and guidelines on Myrtle Beach Real Estate for Sale. Following the right steps will help you sell your house successfully and for a good price.

Mortgage Companies Friend or Foe

Mortgage Companies Friend or Foe

Candy Making the decision to purchase real estate is an exciting time, but it is often stressful as well, as it is most likely the most significant and expensive investment you’ll ever make. It is, therefore, important to do your homework and to seek professional advice so you can make informed decisions.

Finding a loan can be an overwhelming process because of the many options available to you. Therefore, it is important to do your homework to find the best deal for you. However, if you are still in doubt, it is advisable to work with a mortgage broker.

Borrowers sometimes consider mortgage brokers to be their friends, searching everywhere for the right mortgage loan at a temptingly low rate. However, many brokers tend to disagree. They are fighting any efforts by the authorities to impose fiduciary duties on them in order to make their customer’s needs a priority just like other professionals.

So what are the pros of enlisting a mortgage broker?

Firstly, Using a mortgage broker can save you time, effort and money as they can do they hard work for you. For instance, they will do research for you, compare different rates and companies and even negotiate the mortgage on your behalf, allowing you to secure the right loan for your needs and circumstances.

Secondly, they are specialists in their field and are most likely to get you the best deal possible. They enjoy regular contact with various lenders, many of whom you might not know about.

Thirdly, your broker can find a lenient broker to give you a loan even if you were denied one before. Different lenders have varying credit policies so a reputable broker will be keen to take advantage of this fact.

Are there any cons?

With pros, there are usually cons, and mortgage brokers are no exception. To start with, it is important to bear in mind that they do not enjoy access to all lenders. Therefore, you need to find out yourself that the loan they are recommending is appropriate and competitive.

Secondly, many brokers will not work with credit providers who are reluctant to pay commissions. This means that you may be missing out on a good deal. Also, some brokers may choose a loan for you simply because they enjoy working with a certain lender that pays a higher commission.

How to Find the Best Mortgage Rates and Companies to Work With

To protect yourself, a great way is to shop for loans from a number of credit providers and then find out if the broker can get you a better deal. When looking for mortgage companies, be sure to ask some tough questions first. Make sure that the broker will put your interests first.

Secondly, find out if the broker is registered with a reputable industry organization. Be aware if they don’t belong to any professional association as this may mean they are dubious.

Find out the number of lenders they deal with. It is highly recommended to choose a broker with a variety of credit providers so you don’t miss out on some great deals.

Find out what fees they charge their customers. Make sure there are no hidden fees and that you know beforehand and in writing what charges you are going to incur.

Talk to family, friends and colleagues. Check whether they have worked with a certain mortgage company in the past. Find out what their experience was like and if their overall expectations were met.


Buying a home is a huge decision, so it is important do enough research. A mortgage company can save you time, stress and money and can find you the best deal for you, but you need to do your homework and find out if you are getting a good deal. Once you find your dream loan, it’s high time to invest in Myrtle Beach Real Estate for Sale. Whether you want to buy your first home, refinance, relocate to a new place, or invest in real estate, Myrtle Beach has homes in every price category and everything to offer for potential home buyers.